Options and opportunity await your child in Dearborn Public Schools
  • Parent and Student Financial Aid Resource Center on the Michigan Department of Education website at
  • The BEST source of scholarships and financial aid will always be the college financial aid office. Once admitted to a specific college, students should make an appointment and meet with a college financial aid advisor.

    Addional Scholarship Information

    Additional Scholarships & Financial Aid Websites

    • As the FAFSA filing season approaches, students and parents can better inform themselves about the application process by viewing Do You Need Money for College? at
    • Steps to Federal Student Aid explains the FAFSA application and submission process in seven steps. Students can view this handout at
    • The new College Preparation Checklist is greatly expanded compared to the previous version.  This small booklet explains how to prepare academically and financially for college through “to do” lists aimed at elementary and secondary school students and their parents, as well as adult students.  Simply worded information about federal aid, what to do at FAFSA filing time, and looking for scholarships also is included.  View or download the new College Preparation Checklist at